Techincal specifications for .son files ?

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Techincal specifications for .son files ?

Post by peter_l » Fri Jul 20, 2007 7:44 pm

I am trying to understand .son files. I know that the higher the byte is the stronger the echo return is.
I use that to display .son files in my program, but that is all i can do at the moment, and i want to do
more, like displaing the time, location, and depth.

In the begining of every ping in the .son files, there is a lot of other data. And i tink that it is depth
data, position data, and such.. or links to the .idx file, i don't know.

Is it possible to get some techincal specifications from humminbird regarding the .son and .idx files ?

Is there any smart person here that might figure somting out, like if it is gps cordinates stored in the beggining of each ping, i have posted a image from my hexeditor, where every line reprecent the beggining of a ping. And i have added some color to the parts i found intresting.
(the logfile is recorded in soutern lake vättern, in sweden, if you find that position)


What i have found so far is that the 3 first green bytes means beggining of a ping.
That the yellow 80 to 85 have 4 bytes betwen them.
The first 4 pink bytes seams to be a counter, counting up for every ping.
Its a bigger challenge then suduku :-)

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