It's so confusing...

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It's so confusing...

Post by Feedfish » Tue May 31, 2016 10:45 pm

Good evening all,

I'm heading to Finland on a fishing trip. Originally, I intended to take my helix along. My plan was to buy the Navionics small maps so I can import the local hotspots and waypoints.

While reading up on the small maps I discovered that there seems an issue with our US HB's and limitations outside the US.

I spend now two evenings browsing the web and still have no answer.
It seems to me that sonar will work but only in feet and mph and time is not adjusted which is fine. But I'm not sure if the GPS works and if I can install and use the small map of the region. There are a bunch of old topics out there but nothing current...

Can anybody help?


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