Cristiano Ronaldomilestone in 500 balls! Graphic send thank sponsors Nike shoes

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Cristiano Ronaldomilestone in 500 balls! Graphic send thank sponsors Nike shoes

Post by vking » Wed Jul 06, 2016 3:28 am

In the just-concluded Champions League second round match, Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice to help the team successfully got the three points. But these two goals is more meaningful milestone for Cristiano Ronaldo people, the game into the first ball is Cristiano Ronaldo 500th individual career goals, including Real Madrid scored 322 goals, 118 goals Manchester United, Portugal 55 balls, Sporting five goals. At this particular moment, Cristiano Ronaldoalso on your Instagram thank a long-term cooperation boots sponsors - Nike.

Cristiano Ronaldo made plans to thank Nike sponsors

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram wrote: "It scored 500 goals so I am very proud of all of my goals are scored wear Nike boots assassin, however, this will not be the end, just the beginning. ! "

Instagram is celebrated with pictures above expression when the Cristiano Ronaldo broke the record for the background, his career through a variety of boots consisting of a dazzling "500", the representative of Cristiano Ronaldo scored 500 goals. (When also scored 500 goals) and a pair of numbers below the current cr7 cleats 2016 wearing a pink Nike boots. The bottom is marked with the words "CR7" of. Cristiano Ronaldo move inevitably in Nike sponsors advertise, but I believe more in the expression of heartfelt gratitude.

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