NBA jersey jersey fabric which is good?

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NBA jersey jersey fabric which is good?

Post by vking » Thu Jul 21, 2016 6:53 am

NBA jerseys is divided into five editions
1.rep is offset version, the names and other numbers are printed on the card, that is the kind of Ad Sell 398
2. SW embroidery fans version numbers names are embroidered up, generally mesh jersey, Adidas sold 580
3. Au is a player game version jerseys and NBA players wear jersey material is substantially the same, prices are generally 1000+
4.Gi game is an alternate jersey is hanging in the locker room over the shirt, the subscript generally marked with the year season, prices generally 1000-2000 or 2000 +
5.GU is game used jersey, namely the players in the game worn jerseys, collectibles highest value, the price is generally 3000.
The NBA jerseys Authentic
Au is the player version of the game jerseys online 2016 and NBA players wearing jersey material is substantially the same,
Authentic jersey player version is called, and field players jersey, as just fans manufactured specifically for Authentic, size is not big players. Priced at $ 179.99. Player number sewn in a single or multi-layer twill front and back, the player name and number for the embroidery, different colors with different layered cloth embroidery, very layered and three-dimensional. Swingman jersey bottom left corner of the label and basically the same, but there is no length + 2 label adidas logo below. In the upper right corner jersey no adidaslogo, this is simply different from the Replica & Swingman. Authentic cost is not high, the average American fans will not choose such an expensive shirt.

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