Porsche collaboration with Adidas soccer shoes models

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Porsche collaboration with Adidas soccer shoes models

Post by vking » Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:33 am

Car + shoes will burst out what sparks? First get excited, not to say that today make you go fast high-tech shoes, but Adidas collaboration with Porsche models. Although it is involved in the design of a Porsche, but a pair of shoes you wear can not run fast. Honestly, I would hope that people see it go slowly.

This limited-edition sneakers using the most classic Adidas shoes Copa Mundial. The mind is known as real football shoes loyal fans, and now gives it a new look is the representative of a sports car - a Porsche. With Porsche's design concept, to create a new Copa Mundial.

Shoe outline of the design reference to the Porsche 911 sports car, and the use of kangaroo leather to enhance the feeling of each contact with football. Ventral part of the set with nails, like the Porsche supercar traction so match. Messi follows the soles of shoes MESSI15.1 exclusive sole, ensures excellent grip.

This pair of Arrived soccer shoes worldwide limited edition 1500 pairs, each pair is priced at 265 euros.

In all fairness, it really will not make you wear such as sports cars go fast, but do it go so fast? Walk slowly makes it's nice to look at with envy.

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