I do not know what these show???

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I do not know what these show???

Post by ckbrown » Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:48 pm

Hey Guys,

I am in the same boat as all new users in that I can not make any sense out of the following images.
The stills were captured from a recording my boss made with his new installation of a 898c SI with both stern and trolling motor transducers. Both are HDSI and are all new. We are now aware that the boat was moving too slow for good recording resolution and he will make another trip this weekend for another shot at recording thr views. The images that I have below have been saved from Humviewer, a truly excellent product when one learns to use it.

I have applied markers at some points of intrest. I did not mark the images labeled 03-04m_47s.jpg, 03-11m_17s.jpg, 03-11m_17s-b.jpg, 03-18m_21s.jpg 06-00m_51s.jpg, 11m_01s and 30m_33s.jpg. Of these I have no experiance.

Please give us your interpertation of these images.
Thanks in advance for all your assistance.


This makes no sense to me at all. Maybe some of you guys have seen this before.


I have no idea what caused the disruption of the data stream, or was it disrupted. The center line seems to be solid, now I really do not know.


Are these good shadowns for tree stumps? That is what they appear to be.


Could these be fish beds? Just not sure...


Maybe more fish beds to the left but what could the image to the right be? Baffeling.


What in the world is in the water coloum? I have been told that the disturbances in the image is caused by a trolling motor turning, so please ignore them.


I am hoping that the images to the right are fish in schools. But the image to the left, totally unknown.


Wayne P.
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Tough to tell

Post by Wayne P. » Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:59 pm

The screen scroll speed is too fast for the boat speed to get any accurate interpretations.
Yes it looks like a couple of the images are showing a trolling motor mounted transducer being turned. I see that a lot since I use my bow unit a lot more than my console units.

The transducer looks like it is tilted with the temp sensor down. If the transducer is installed so the face of it is parallel with the water's surface, the tree/stumps will have a horizontal shadow. Those in the images are angled upwards.
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Post by Humminbird_Greg » Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:15 am

I don’t use the HumViewer program so am unfamiliar with how and what it shows; but to me some of those “fish” that you have arrows pointing out look more like shadows than the fish itself.
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