First day out with a 997

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First day out with a 997

Post by Kermit » Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:40 am

I got that baby in the mail and put it on my 18 ft center console tracker pontoon which I use as a trolling boat. It was very easy to install, had the old one off and new one on in under an hour. I used the middle size RAM Mount I think it has 1.5 inch balls. I didn't know if it would work putting the transducer on the back right side, like you would for a regular boat. I put it on anyway and it works great. As a matter of fact I can trim the motor all the way down and still get an image on both sides. I idle around at about 1.5 to 3 mph and my images look great. Even when I turn the boat I have very little clutter on the screen. Could be becase my boat don't really turn on a dime. I picked up the speed to the max of 18 mph and the unit still worked in every mode. The left side SI got a little hazy but still very readable. When I stopped for lunch I lowered a 1/8 oz jig head down in the water 30 feet deep and it looked like a 8 lb down rigger ball would have on my old unit. (Which I love but has been replaced sorry Lowrance) Keep in mind the unit is still on factory settings I think it came on 10 or what ever in the middle is. This is a very powerfull unit.

If you had a Si unit you would think that you would want to see the bottom right. Well not me I open the units Si eye's as wide as she would let me and headed for open water down the main channel of the lake. I would idle until I came by a ball of shad say or 150 feet give or take out to one side of the boat. I would then mark that bait ball by gps go out long enough to turn with lures being pulled, set my lure to the depth at or above the shad and come back right down the middle of them. How sweet it is, over half the time I ran right over the top them. The only way it could be better is if I had Fi (Front Imaging)head lights that came out of the front of my boat so I could just run them over as I came to them.

I do need to spend more time with this unit and get to know it bettter I do have a few small bugs to work out. I think the depth might be off by a little. Has anyone else ever had to adjust or make a off set. One time I was in about 3 or 4 feet of water and it said 12 ft and I gave it time to update. I see that it has a place just for that. Also when I'm looking at the bottom on the down looking sonar it will say 120 ft and have a red line for the bottom at 120 but it will have a lot of color for the next 30 feet up on the graph. I would think that if it's showing rock piles it would read the depth from the top not around it. That could be that wide beam transducer I have the unit set on both at the same time. It will just take me dropping my camera down a few times to really know what that it's telling me. I took a few pictures while in the driveway in the Sim mode just checking out how it worked. I'm using a very cheap Kingston 1 gig sd card and it worked great. That baby drops waypoints like they are hot. Now I know why you get 3,000. It's great for marking under water Humps and ridges also. I also hooked up a AUX Temp to my unit and ran it down in my 50 Gal Shad tank. I can set alarms on it so if the tank temp gets to hot in the summer the unit will let me know before I find out the hard way. My old stick thermometer is backup only. If any of you humminbird dudes are reading this I would like see this unit come with a HB coffee cup that bluetooths to the unit to keep the coffee in the cup a preset temp.

Thanks for all the info I got from everyone on this site



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