1198C SI move to the bow

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1198C SI move to the bow

Post by newtothegame » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:34 pm

Hello all,

I would like to see if I can get some help with a little project I have going on.

I have a 21.5' Duckworth Pacific Navigator and I am running a 1198C SI on the inside at the helm and I have a Terrova 80 trolling motor on the bow with ipilot but NO ipilot LINK ....

I have ordered a new Helix 10 G2N Mega to replace the 1198 on the helm ...cant wait to see it :)

I am going to leave the wiring and mounting bracket etc on the helm for the 1198 and use it for a mapping/gps screen side by side with the new Helix ..... I am assuming all I have to do is to shut the sonar function off on the 1198 so that I don't get any interference from the Helix. If I am incorrect please let me know.

In my mind I would like to move the 1198 up to the bow and hook up the terrova transducer to the 1198 so that I have depth measurements and gps contouring on the maps .... I know I will not have SI but that is ok ... unless you think it would be worth mounting another transducer on the Terrova for side imaging? I don't know how much this would be or if it would be even worth it ....

I like the current quick release that the unit has now for the cables ... is that something I can buy to put up on the bow? if so what is that wiring package and how much is it?

I am hoping to just run power back to the helm so it is not running off of my trolling motor batteries up front.

any suggestions would be fantastic ...

Also one last thing ... anyone have any suggested mounting brackets for the bow? Ram mount type? or ?

Thank you in advance!


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