software for 598 ci hd di?

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software for 598 ci hd di?

Post by gooral » Thu Oct 20, 2016 2:48 am


I own 598 ci hd di which recently lost gps (it says not connected) tried to default it with no luck and then wanted to get new soft. but can't register on hb site (it says that sn is not recognised - i emailed them they said it was added manually but it still doesn't work so i can't download software form hb) someone with 598 and latest soft could share it with me? (i wouldn't mind if it change domestic to international ;P

Ps anything with gps i could try to fix myself? (if it is say separate board which could unplug from main board?)


Wayne P.
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Re: software for 598 ci hd di?

Post by Wayne P. » Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:16 am

There is no 598ci HD DI unit. The 598 is a SI unit.

You could take the cabinet apart to see if a circuit board connection has come loose.

You cannot change the unit to international with a software update.

Check your account again to see if you have registered it properly and if the current software is in it.
Have you done a Restore Defaults to see if that will correct the issue?
Wayne Purdum
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