360 back to 898 transducer issue HELP!

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360 back to 898 transducer issue HELP!

Post by Spd 135 » Sun May 03, 2015 2:01 pm

I installed the 360 a while back and it is awesome. Switching to sidescan, using the 360, is easy and works well. One issue I have had is depth does not show with the 360, but I am in water that I know the depth. My big issues is this:

I have 2 separate transducers for my 898. 1 is on a fish and the other is on a pole. Since I installed the 360 they don't work. Both seem to not be read by the head unit. My setting is right (high def sonar). I went to the set up for the 360 (last tab on the right) and unclicked the 360 and clicked on the 898si. Still nothing. I restarted the unit. Nothing. I went back to the 6 series software as I had to install the 7 series for the 360 to work. There is no depth tab or reading and it acts like it doesn't see either transducer (898). I checked the pins and they seem to be bright and shiny.

I reinstalled the 7 series software. The 360 works like a champ. The head doesn't seem to read the standard transducer. No clicking in the transducer when checked (both).

My 898si transducer Both) worked correctly until I installed the 360 software and transducer head. I really need to use this unit tomorrow in deep water (hence the towfish) but right now I am dead in the water.

I am hoping this is something due to poor instructions and I have missed a click somewhere. Can anybody help? Mark Michaud

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