360 for Nome Gold Dredging, seeing divers?

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360 for Nome Gold Dredging, seeing divers?

Post by AK_Au_diver » Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:19 am

I dredge for gold in the nearshore waters of the Bering Sea near Nome, AK. We currently use a massive (24,000 pound) custom built ROV of our own design in 60 feet of water, my other boats use divers in shallower waters (15 to 30 feet). For both it would be useful to get side imaging scans while stationary, like the 360 does.

Will this unit do what I want? Are there any links to videos that show divers or moving underwater craft in the water at these depths? I'm in Nome and have very slow internet, but I can eventually get a youtube video to play. We've spend several tens of thousands of dollars on sonar over the past decade and I'm hesitant to drop $1500 for this add-on without being reasonably sure that it will work for what I want to see; but I'm not entirely sure exactly what I want to see. Knowing the orientation of the ROV to the mothership would be nice, also seeing the cut would be great, to know how fast the diver is working and if' they are getting "lost" and leaving material behind. I wish I could borrow one to test.

One dredge has a "999CI HD SI", the other has a "798C SI Combo".

Any suggestions or links?

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Re: 360 for Nome Gold Dredging, seeing divers?

Post by Wayne P. » Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:40 am

The 360 is rotating Side Imaging. Whatever Side Imaging will do, the 360 will also.
It is at its best when stationary.

There are lots of images from the 360 technology on the Bass Boat Central Forums in the Humminbird section.
At the top of that forum is a sticky topic for just the 360.
There is also an Image Interpretation topic also with some screen shots.
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Re: 360 for Nome Gold Dredging, seeing divers?

Post by Spd 135 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:51 pm

It will follow divers and their bubbles. First pic is a swimming pool with students, swimmers and a diver. The group of dots at the top left is a scuba class. Straight a head of the blue boat icon is a diver and his bubbles. Along the right wall you see several swimmers. Second pic is a diver at about 100' headed to a target in a tree. The diver is on the left side of the screen bubbles going "down" as you see it. Third pic is the diver enlarged. My 360 was dropped to 60'. I had extended the cable. This was last week in Kentucky. Your boat has to be still and anchored from both ends to use it the way you want to. Mark
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