Helix 9 SI, Updated SW and Navionics

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Helix 9 SI, Updated SW and Navionics

Post by Darkdiz » Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:08 pm

I recently updated my Helix 9 SI to the latest version from HB. Some nice improvements, but now I cannot seem to get my Autochart live areas I mapped last year to show when I have my Navionics Plus (Right Fish 'n Chip Card) selected. There is not an option to even show it. I have all of the original files backed up (I also have a Zero Lines Card) and processed under Autochart Pro on my PC.
Before anyone points out that the files are all saved automatically on the zero lines card, yes, I know that.
My issue is that ALL I changed was the updated software, and what used to show on the Navionics chip now only shows on the zero lines card. There is no overlay option for autochart that I have found when the Navionics chip is selected as the map source. It is quite a pain to have to re-select the Navionics chip to navigate, especially when I have to also re-select all of the associated settings. That is, the unit does not remember the settings for each card. I guess I can live with that, but am really at a loss as to why my autochart live data which used to display fine no longer does.
Any thoughts on why the autochart live info no longer shows?
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