How it Works

Read here first, to learn about Side Imaging Technology
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How it Works

Post by Craig » Mon May 14, 2007 7:09 pm

Taken from

How it Works

Two blade-shaped 80°@-10db 262kHz side-/down-looking beams:

* Each beam is oriented so the shallow edge of the beam starts at the surface and extends to underneath the boat.
* All beams together form 180° of coverage
* Depth capability of up to 150’ for clearest images; distance out to 360’ on each side. Under optimum conditions, both greater depths and distances are possible.
* Alternative 455kHz operation for these beams results in slightly less total coverage of 160°, but even higher definition images.

Precision 20°@-10db 200kHz down-looking center beam:

* Looks for fish, bait and structure below the boat.
* Depth capability up to 1000’. Depth capability depends on product model.

Broad 50kHz 74°@-10db down-looking wide beam:

* Wider coverage looks for fish outside the narrow beam, but are still around the boat.
* Depth capability up to 3000’. Depth capability depends on product model and transducer.

*Your actual product depth capability depends on product model capabilities, transducer installation, water type, thermal layers, bottom composition and slope


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