360 wiring

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360 wiring

Post by buck16on » Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:17 pm

I have a 959ci HD DI combo I-pilot linked to my terrova. If I add 360 imaging I presume I'll have to add a Humminbird ehternet box . If I do this how will I wire everything together? Ethernet from terroava to the Box and 360 ethernet to the Box and then ethernet cable from box to the 959 ? Then 360 power cord to a fuse and then on to battery or should I first wire the 360 to an on/off switch then to a fuse and then on to the battery? Is the 360 GPS puck a wireless puck or will it come with a wire that needs plugged into something or can I use the built in GPS of the 959? Or will I need to use both GPS's? I know I'll have to make my own swivel arm to deploy the 360 Transducer into the water since there's no such thing available from humminbird for a Terrova.

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